We believe in delicious, healthy, local and sustainable food!

Our goal is for your meals at Johnstone Adventure Lodge to be as memorable as the magnificent scenery. 

Breakfast and dinner are served "family style" in your own chalet. Lunch will be packed and taken along for the day's adventure. 

We specialize in vegan food, but will provide a locally caught seafood for those who prefer this option. 

We can also accommodate a gluten-free diet. Please email to inquire about accommodation for other dietary restrictions. 

Please note:

  • due to our remote location, we are unable to guarantee dietary accommodation for last minute requests, but will in all circumstances make an earnest effort to satisfy requests.

  • We do not anticipate having a liquor license for the 2020 season, so guests who wish to have alcoholic beverages are encouraged to purchase in town prior to flight. 

Cuisine for Our Wilderness Logders in Seward, Alaska

Vegetable Basket