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Production Coordination

Johnstone Bay is centrally located and well developed. We provides a new gateway to the outer gulf coast from both an aviation and marine perspective. With years of experience in mitigation and wilderness logistics. We can Provide management of the following:

  • Logistics Coordination of cargo via air and ocean, 

  • Helicopter for remote access to shooting locations

  • Fixed wing for film support and recon. 

  • Action sport Location pioneering: 

  • Helicopter skiing or surfing, kayaking or ocean based sports. 

  • Remote surfing and big wave surfing coordination. 

  • crew transportation, food and lodging 

  • Music Video or Hollywood film support. 

  • Center for education and scientific research. 

  • Safety or Base of remote expeditions or outer island trips. 

  • Weather and climate date collection. 

  • Local Knowledge

  • crew transportation, food and lodging 

  • Alaskas only  Vegan Plant based lodge

  • Center for animal preservation 

Feel free to contact us. We are happy to consult with you about your outer Gulf Coast Endeavors.

Johnstone Bay in the surf media stream:

Vans did a cool commercial in 2017 they landed at J Bay and the surfing was filmed here











surf pioneer scott Dickerson did a helicopter surf trip and ended up surfing here too. plenty of nice photos: 

Click Here: 




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