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Excelsior Glacier Lake Tour Seward, Alaska

The Excelsior Glacier flows from the Sargent Icefield. It carved this valley and created the terminal moraine where Johnstone Adventure Lodge now sits. About a hundred years ago, the glacier began receding and formed the lake. Whereas commonly the formation of geography is a slow and from the perspective of human life, a seemingly unchanging process, here we are seeing the geography change before our very eyes from year to year. We are among the first of the human species to float this water and lay feet on parts of this land.


Zodiac Glacier Tour

The choice boat for polar expeditions. The zodiac is perfect for maneuvering around icebergs with superior buoyancy and multiple air chambers. The Zodiac will be your vessel to see and explore an area vastly unseen and unexplored. This is the arctic standard boat. We will take you to explore the Excelsior and Roan glaciers.   



As a lodge guest, sit on top kayaks are available for use on the south end of the lake. We are happy to provide backup safety support with our zodiac and also tow the kayaks to wherever you choose to paddle. Connect with the sound of earth and see sights unseen by the masses. Included with your chalet reservation. 


Wildlife Viewing

Within the valley you could expect to potentially see mountain goat, deer, black bear, and of course the Harbor Seals who use the lake as a safe haven. They are full time residents of Johnstone Bay and the Excelsior Lake. It truly is their kingdom.


The possibilities for remarkable and unrepeatable photographs are endless. We highly recommend making photography a part of your journey here.

Hiking / Trekking

The Excelsior Glacier Lake is met with a number of valleys ranging in incline gain from flat to steep. Hikes range from an easy hike to the base of a 1000 foot waterfall to more challenging alpine hiking for birds’ eye views of the surreal area. The hikes are endless and remote. We are happy to provide our zodiac to access an area you may like to explore along your stay. Owner accompanied hiking or trekking with chalet reservation or self-guided with markerd trails and radios provided.      

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