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Beach & Surf - Wilderness Lodge Seward, Alaska

The three-miles of isolated south-facing beach convey the essence of enchantment amongst the North Pacific. Johnstone Bay Anchorage is affected by Ocean Swell and can produce sizable waves making this remote location more accessible by aircraft. The flat terrain at Johnstone is a mound of earth pushed up by the Excelsior Glacier called a terminal moraine. This phenomenon has caused the bay to be instantly deep. Consequently, it is not uncommon for us to see humpback whales playing and feeding close to shore. 


Beach Hiking

Walk along the three mile, south facing private beach to take in the sights and sounds of the Gulf of Alaska.

Cave Exploration

Beautiful rock formations that have been hollowed out into caves by the relentless ocean waves can be found on the west side of the beach near the chalets. The cave/tunnel can be explored at low tide. Bring a flashlight and have a look inside to observe the Goose Barnacle.

Wildlife Viewing

When spending time on the beach, you’re almost sure to see harbor seal, stellar sea lion, and/or humpback whale playing in the water. On land, you may see a majestic mountain goat, a shy bear, or an endangered wolverine. Many different birds are also likely to be seen here, such as eagles, humming birds, and various sea birds. Throughout our years we have had some absolutely brilliant encounters with the real local residents and migratory species.


Photography options on the beach are endless whether you’re shooting landscapes, wildlife, family, adventure or action sports.


Sunset and Moonlight Beach Fires

Enjoy this unique time with your company over the twilight and moon cycle. 5000 miles south lies French Polynesia but this remote terminal moraine beach offers a visual imagery endlessly unobstructed. Likely to inspire one to feel the connection to an open pathway of life and bigger reality of the wild planet were a part of. 



Johnstone Bay is generally a deep bay defined by a shore break wave. Due to the Big Johnstone Lake there is a river that damns in the winter and breaks loose in the Spring. The River creates a sandbar which forms south and west. This phenomenon creates generally a left-handed wave and also some rights. The river mouth is tidally affected but not extremely. It is more controlled by the actual flow from the river and lake system which feeds it. Surf season is from Mid-April to the end of November. With big swells, the wave can barrel. Due to river current and the remote nature of the wave we recommend expert only suffers to surf Johnstone Bay alone. There are certain times the waves are good for all skill levels,


guided surfing and surf instruction can be arranged if interested. 

Wet Suits and boards can be provided. 


We can also access other waves around the area while basing out of the lodge via Helicopter. The future of remote surfing and surfing BASE in Alaska! Check out our Production page for JBAy surf media from industry folk. 

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