Forest & Alpine Tour In Seward, Alaska

Moss Forest & Alpine Hiking Johnstone Bay

this south facing bay is teeming with life and diversity. The unscathed forest is free of invasive species allowing the natives to thrive. The forest floor is covered in thick moss. A walk through the forest beckons you to pay close attention to every glorious detail. Trees, plants, and fungi work together in symbiosis.  It is possible to see over ten different types of moss on a single tree branch. Much of this Forest was covered in ice just over 100 years ago.

Hiking / Trekking

Johnstone has a number of mountains and valleys offering potential hikes with incline gain ranging from easy to difficult. Guests can easily customize their adventures to suit their fitness levels and ambitions. Hike beside a glacier, make a first ascent up a mountain or just stroll through the forest. The options are virtually endless. 


Depending on the season, foraging opportunities abound. innumerable berry  bushes can be found around the chalets. Additionally, the forest hosts intricate mycelium networks, but please! Don't consume mushrooms or berries without a Mushroom guide. 

"The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness" John Muir


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