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FAQ For Wilderness Lodge In Seward Alaska

 What will weather be like?

The coast of the Gulf of Alaska receives a fair bit of precipitation year-round. Historically, May-September are the driest and warmest months. While we do have the occasional high temperatures going all the way up to 80, average is between 65 and 70. It is important to note that weather in the Gulf of Alaska is unpredictable, so it is wise to be prepared for the best and worst. Temperatures near the icefield can be colder, while the south-facing beach is typically warmer, though it can be windy.


What should I bring?




Should I get travel insurance?

Absolutely! While helicopters can fly in most summer conditions, it could happen that a flight either in or out of Johnstone Bay gets delayed. For this reason, we advise you get traveler’s insurance. We will not issue refunds for delays outside of our control.


Where is Johnstone Bay located?

About 35 miles to the southeast of Seward, AK. It is a small, south facing bay off the Gulf of Alaska. The Sargent Icefield is to the north.


Why can’t I take a boat?

The beach at Johnstone Bay has surf and the water is widely exposed to the gulf, making mooring and landing on the beach with a skiff unsafe. This is one of the many reasons Johnstone is such a pristine wild location.


How much do additional flight-seeing charters cost?

Unfortunately, the answer is not straight-forward. The price will be at-cost and dependent on what you would like to do and when/where you would like to go. We make every effort to accommodate unique adventures so contacting us ahead of time is the best way to ensure you have a remarkable flight-seeing tour and to determine what is within your budget.


Can you accommodate special events or occasions?

We can accommodate small group special events. Please inquire with us directly to discuss. We specialize in special occasions. An anniversary, engagement, or honeymoon in this setting will be truly unforgettable. Please contact us so that we can coordinate with you to ensure your experience is unique and beyond expectation.  


Have a question we didn’t answer? Please contact us!

Thanks! We will be in touch soon.

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